Authorship Criteria

Authorship Defined

The author is a person or persons that have made a substantial contribution in getting the research outcome out of the laboratories to a cross-section of readers and end users for academic progression and knowledge dissemination.

Importance of Authorship

The author spends a substantial amount of quality time designing and conducting the research and getting it transformed into a publication. In this process, an individual author or group of authors/researchers that have contributed to the completion of the research claim their ownership, which has enormous social, economic, professional, and scholarly implications and outcomes in academia, and industry.  Authorship carries with it a heavy weightage in promotions, getting research grants, and gaining social and professional recognition.

Attributing Authorship

The principal researcher is instrumental in designing and conducting the study by passing through various stages such as obtaining permissions, grants, and protocols, and conducting the research. Noting the research outcome and documenting it is equally a crucial role of the author. Authorship, therefore, is a commitment to the scientific community and society. It is the responsibility that the author must remain true to his commitment by reporting it in an unbiased manner.


It is the authors who decide the criteria that who is the first author and what is the position of the other authors if there is more than one author. The principal researcher that takes most of the responsibilities generally remains the first author, followed by the others, who take on various other responsibilities like lab technicians, statisticians, and those that supervise the experiment in various stages. The first author is always the most sought-after position as it holds the major share. Researchers of early careers are always keen on attaining the first author’s position. Authors sometimes negotiate these positions, based on the understanding among the authors. The dispute never arises in cases when there is a single author.

Submit Manuscript

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