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  • ISSN: 2334-1831
    Early Online
    Volume 5, Issue 3
    Kalirajan Rajagopal*
    9-anilinoacridines play an important role in the field of antitumor DNA-intercalating agents [1], due to their antiproliferative properties. Several anticancer agents with 9-anilinoacridines such as amascrine, and nitracrine have been developed. These agents are able to crosslink cellular DNA and thereby interfere with the DNA replication by inhibiting DNA topoisomerase II (topoII). Generally, topo II inhibitors are showing significant anticancer activity. Their strong activity was due to the ability of acridine nucleus to intercalate into DNA base pair, stabilizing the DNA-topoII cleavable complex ternary complex which involves DNA, intercalated compound and topo II [2].
    Teresa Cristina dos Santos Leal*
    One of the major challenges today is to understand the effects of low dose ionizing radiation on living things, both for the protection of the environment and for health. The applications of Ionizing Radiation, in agriculture and horticulture, and in space science, in the prevention and treatment of diseases, in pest control are vast.
    Short Note
    Bhavna A. Shah*, Olutayo A. Oluyinka, AlpeshV. Patel, and Maryam I. Bagia
    Freshwater is essential for the survival of man, and other living organisms but it is being impacted by human activities such as industrialization and chemical agriculture. This article discusses the potential impacts of the discharge of industrial wastes and the excessive use of agricultural chemicals for the cultivation of plants and crops on freshwater resources. Surface and ground waters get heavily polluted. Also, it briefly reviews a few cases of contamination of water bodies and the serious threats they pose. Probable recommendations that could alleviate the problem of the industrial and agrochemicals water pollution and the threat they pose to the environment are also proffered.
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